Hatched in a cold laboratory located outside the streams of time, spawned in the dark sewers of Victorian London…the myths surrounding the origins of Spectral Darkwave are many.  Fusing the intimidating splendour of symphonic death metal and the sombre majesty of doom, adding a touch of black metal’s bleak fire with an infusion of industrial terror – Spectral Darkwave are a band like no other.

Since the first release from the visionary trio came in 2015 in the form of debut album Last First Contact on the band’s own Occidental Records label. Far from the first faltering steps of a band searching for an identity; Spectral Darkwave seemed to emerge from the void a fully formed entity with breathtaking power already at their fingertips. 

Spectral Darkwave have played all over the country with such acts a s Krysthla, Countless Skies, Gevaudan, Morass of Molasses, Wretched Soul, Body Harvest, Concrete Age, and most recently Bloodstock Open Air ’21 where Spectral Darkwave delivered a triumphant set to the gathered hordes, on a bill featuring legends of metal Judas Priest and Kreator.

Over the course of 2019 the band released two superb singles, The Price Of Victory and A Toll Is Due, leaving fans restless and hungry for a second full length album. On October 8th 2021 their patience was rewarded as the next chapter in the epic tale of Spectral Darkwave was unveiled – At Outer Dark.

As the cycle continues, the band are set to insert themselves in the live metal timeline in venues around the UK.

Will you join them in their quest At Outer Dark?