Where to Watch La Casa de los Famosos Season 4
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Where to Watch La Casa de los Famosos: Season 4 Viewer’s Guide

Discover where to watch La Casa de los Famosos Season 4, the most thrilling season yet. With 23 celebrities and Alfredo Adame leading the cast, don't miss a moment of drama on Telemundo, Peacock, and other platforms.

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El poder y la controversia detrás del líder en La Casa de los Famosos 4

Where to watch La Casa de los Famosos is the burning question for fans eager to dive into the drama, alliances, rivalries, and romance of Season 4. With 23 celebrities and 60 cameras capturing every moment 24/7, you won’t want to miss a second of the action. This guide is your ultimate resource for catching every captivating moment on TV, mobile (iOS and Android), and Smart TV.

Viewing Platforms for La Casa de los Famosos

The excitement around La Casa de los Famosos Season 4 is palpable, with Alfredo Adame set to be the show’s standout star. This season’s live action, unlike its Mexican counterpart, will be accessible through Telemundo and the reality show’s official website, ensuring fans have various ways to stay engaged.

How to Stream and Watch

For fans wondering where to watch La Casa de los Famosos, here are the best options:

  • Telemundo: The go-to broadcaster for viewers in the United States, offering live episodes as per the U.S. schedule.
  • Peacock: This streaming service provides on-demand access to episodes, perfect for watching anytime, anywhere.
  • Official Website: Telemundo’s official website is your destination for live streams and exclusive content updates.
  • Mobile Viewing: The Telemundo app for iOS and Android devices lets you watch episodes directly on your phone.
  • Smart TV Access: Stream the show on Smart TVs using Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV, and Xbox for an immersive viewing experience.

Ver La Casa de Los Famosos en Vivo

«Where to watch La Casa de los Famosos» also means knowing how to catch it live. Telemundo offers real-time broadcasts, ensuring you’re part of the excitement as it unfolds, from elimination days to weekly challenges and the nomination process.

What Makes This Season Special

Season 4 of La Casa de los Famosos, following the Big Brother format, features 23 celebrities living under one roof with their lives broadcast live. With Nacho Lozano and Jimena Gállego joining as co-hosts, this season promises emotional highs and lows, strategic alliances, bitter rivalries, and budding romances.

La Casa de los Famosos Across the Globe

Though primarily available on Telemundo in the United States, the show’s international appeal means fans around the world can watch through various channels and streaming services, making it a truly global phenomenon.

Broadcast Times in the United States

To ensure you know where to watch La Casa de los Famosos at your convenience, here are the U.S. broadcast times:

  • Monday: Elimination Day
  • Tuesday: Weekly Challenge
  • Wednesday: Leader Challenge
  • Thursday: Nomination Day
  • Friday: Leader’s Salvation
  • Saturday: Rest Day
  • Sunday: Analysis Day

Engage with La Casa de los Famosos

Beyond watching, fans can vote for their favorite celebrity, engage with the show on social media, and explore exclusive content on the official website and app, making the viewing experience even more interactive and engaging.


«Where to watch La Casa de los Famosos» is no longer a mystery with this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re tuning in from your TV, smartphone, or Smart TV, multiple options ensure you won’t miss any of the action. Prepare to be captivated by the drama, alliances, and romance of La Casa de los Famosos Season 4!

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